Sustainability Policy


In 2019, following discussions with key clients and stakeholders BEM Ireland undertook a review of its Environmental and Sustainable Travel Policies. The review was taken with reference to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria for Tour Operators and the minimum standards we should aspire to.

In line with GSTC BEM Ireland Environmental Policy is organised around the following themes:

Effective sustainable planning, Maximising Social and Economic Benefits for the Local Community, Enhancing Cultural Heritage and Reducing Negative Impacts to the Environment.

BEM Ireland have set out the following guidelines and principles under which this code of practice will be implemented by the organisation to provide a more sustainable work environment and delivery of travel programmes. This code of practice will be clearly defined by management and communicated to all staff. The policies arising from the code of practice will be the guiding principles of all business development and decisions within the organisation.

  • Management will clearly promote a greener, paperless workplace with a reduced carbon footprint.
  • BEM Ireland will respect and promote regions of natural importance and cultural interest,
  • A no trace policy will be encouraged in all travel programmes where possible.
  • Encourage engagement with community to actively promote the inclusion of local culture and heritage.
  • Monitor supplier and stakeholders to encourage engagement with those that are actively implementing more environmentally sustainable policies.
  • Communicate with clients and partners to determine where improvements and changes to practices and product development to encourage sustainability.

The above policies will be evaluated and measured on an on-going basis to monitor progress and address areas where policies can be improved.